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Existing IPTVSubs Customers

By November 24, 2016News

Please read this carefully so your service is not interrupted and working as normal.

If you are an existing IPTVsubs customer, we thank you very much for standing by our side while we updated our systems. You will not be affected, please do not change any settings on your STB box, or your Kodi Account. Do not download Kodi V3 and update your version as of yet or update to the new STB portal URL. You will be moved to the new panel once your subscription has completely expired. Once you have expired and need to renew as normal then follow the new instructions below to update to the newest version of our Kodi along with our new STB portal Links



For all existing customers please update to our newest kodi and STB portals. Please view this post for more details: https://www.iptvsubs.is/important-existing-iptvsubs-users


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